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Economic impact

Butler Community College helps ensure members of our communities prosper in an economically viable region

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Information on community support via mill levy

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Economic Impact Facts:

Butler Community College is the largest employer in Butler County with 856 full time and part-time employees. Butler employees spent $4,737,456 in disposable income in Butler County. In total, Butler Community College has an annual direct economic impact on Butler County of $46,041,350.

Of the 19 community colleges in Kansas, Butler County taxpayers pay the third or forth lowest rate per in-county credit hour since 2001.

The two-year higher education sector in Kansas enrolls more students annually than the four-year Regents institutions yet only receive about 20% of the higher education funding. Yes, community colleges remain the most affordable option.

"Our mission to serve all who desire to learn. And, our impact when we perform this mission well is to create a powerful economic engine for our county and our supporting tax base. Butler is about student success. It always has been and it always will be. The lives that are changed for the better by the education and care we provide benefit, not only the community in which they attend college, but also our extended communities and all of Kansas."

Lori Winningham,
Vice President of Academics

Honors & Acolades

  • Butler is an Aspen Institute Top 150 U.S. Community College.
  • The National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security designated Butler Community College as a National Center of Academic Excellence in cybersecurity defense for 2019-2024.
  • Butler became one of the first collegiate Volvo Training programs in the country in 2019.
  • and have both designated Butler as a top 10 nursing school in the state of Kansas.
  • Butler is Kansas’ only AVID higher education institution.

    Recognized as an AVID Highly Certified Institution for the 2019-20 academic year, Butler has received national recognition by the American Association of Community Colleges for the redesign of the math curriculum.
  • Butler has national championships in football, softball, track, Livestock Judging and national recognition of fine arts programs, PTK, and PBL.
In Fiscal 2018, Butler Community College spent $8,718,833 on goods and services in Butler County.Since 2001, BUTLER has had the third or fourth lowest mill levy in the state among all the community colleges with mill levies ranging from about 9.1 to 44.7 in 2020. 2018 data shows Butler County tax payers paid LESS per local credit hour than 14 of the other 18 community colleges.BUTLER students recieved the benefit of nearly $23.6M in federal dollars in 2018-19, more than any other community college in Kansas.$16 Million Property Taxes (Investment) $46 Million Total Benefit (Return on Investment) (2019 Gene Gerorge Consulting Validation of BCC Impact Study)Butler employees spent $4,737,456 in disposable income in Butler County. Students spent $32,585,064 in Butler County. Total direct economic in impact Butler County was $46,041,35 (2019 Gene Gerorge Consulting Validation of BCC Impact Study) During spring 2020, 868 students took Butler classes through their Butler County high school.

Sports Authority Report

Officially owned by the Educational Facilities Authority of Butler County, BG Stadium Veterans Sports Complex is a collaborative project between the City of El Dorado, Butler Community College and El Dorado Public Schools USD 490. Check out the latest report to see how BG Products Veterans Sports Complex has made a difference in El Dorado here.